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Dr Anna Feigenbaum
Omega Research Foundation

Dr Anna Feigenbaum is a writer, researcher and educator working on communication and social change. Her latest project asks how a chemical weapon came to be considered appropriate for use during civil unrest.

We’ve worked with Anna and the Omega Research Foundation to create RiotID. The publication uses pictograms and icons to illustrate tear gas safety information, manufacturer locations, weapon types and tips for documentary photographers. The layout also incorporates a ruler that can be used to determine cartridge and canister size.

The design is set in a single colour for the sake of accessibility, allowing it to be printed on a variety of materials whilst avoiding loss of legibility. We’ve also worked to minimise the amount of ink required to reproduce the graphics with a desktop printer, cutting down on cost and environmental impact.

RiotID has been designed in seven languages; Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Spanish and Turkish. The Arabic edition was utilised during a Palestinian protest against a divisional wall built by Israeli forces in Beit Jala on the West Bank.