Some kind words about us from our clients…

Minute Works set the benchmark for intelligent, industrious, and highly creative input. This is what Metal Culture Liverpool have learned from contracting the studio to deliver projects across their multi-disciplinary practice. The quality and level of detail in their work is simply outstanding.

Ian Brownbill
Director, Metal Culture Liverpool

The way Minute Works operate closely fits with Green values, whilst maintaining the highest quality. They pay close attention to our needs; producing ethical and sustainable design, whilst also consistently meeting tight deadlines.

Keith Taylor
Green MEP for South East England

We work with Minute Works because they’re hugely creative, attentive to detail, and are very responsive to our projects. They’re our studio of choice because we share their values; wanting to foster positive social and environmental change.

Richard Hawkins
Public Interest Research Centre

Minute Works are absolutely fantastic, both creatively and professionally. Working together has been a huge pleasure, and it’s wonderful to have created such a great campaign that we can be really proud of.

Viola Sampson
Head of Art and Editorial, Greenpeace

Minute Works’ energy, responsiveness, creative approach and attention to detail make them a real pleasure to work with. Their passion for learning, commitment to ethical work practices and care for the environment are a perfect match for our social justice and research-led design projects.

Dr. Anna Feigenbaum
Civic Media Hub, Bournemouth University

Working with a design team that shares your social and environmental principles makes for a smoother design process and a better end product, particularly when the team are as responsive, creative and attentive as Minute Works are.

Doug Weir
Toxic Remnants of War Project